Ziggeraut Prime
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Version "Obsidian Squid" of the ZP Tabletop Game is released!
The first page of our webcomic reboot is up. Get ready for more EXPLOSIONS!

About Ziggeraut Prime

Ziggeraut Prime is a nearly uninhabitable planet in the center of the Milky Way galaxy. In the year 4032, ZP serves as the last human run prison and any crime commited "wins" you an all expenses paid trip. It is considered the height of human morality.

As you might imagine, an inexcapable and hostile planet filled to the brim with violent criminals naturally fosters a lot of violence. Not only does this make for great TV ratings for the law-abiding populace but it's also a really fantastic Tabletop Game for you.

There is a lot more to the lore, including the history of how A.I. screwed humanity, gang drama, and some dark eldrich horror magic. All of this, and the bat-shit-crazy cast of characters we created, makes for a pretty great story. Which we give to you in a fancy Webcomic.